When Tommy met Michael


For many years, Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, cooked amazingly flavored fried turkeys for his family. Part of that flavor came from a spice he procured from a guy named Michael Pitre.

One Thanksgiving, Tommy’s family gathering blossomed with more guests and family members than they had in previous years and Tommy suddenly found himself with not enough fried turkeys for their big dinner. He knew Michael also fried turkeys using that flavored spice so he called to see if Mike could overnight a fried turkey to his family. “I’d love to Thomas, but I don’t think that’s possible. I just don’t have enough time to get one to you.” “Michael, I’ve never asked, but what part of the country are you in?” Tommy inquired.

Both were blown away when they discovered that Michael lived just under an hour away from Tommy’s home. So, Tommy drove to Michael and picked up a fried turkey for Thanksgiving. He had heard great things about Michael’s fried turkey, so he tore off a little piece while he was driving just to see what all the fuss was about. By the time Tommy arrived home, half the turkey was gone. He called Michael and asked, “What exactly are in these spices?!” Michael laughed and told him it was an original family secret. Tommy turned around, bought another turkey from Michael, and has been buying two or more turkeys from him ever since.

Over time, Michael graciously shared his “original family secret” of spices with Tommy and suggested that he try it with his grits. Tommy added them to a family favorite meal of catfish and grits. Tommy’s catfish was great, but Michael’s grits with the spices proved to be a resounding hit with Tommy’s family, friends, neighbors and later, the cast and crew of “Ready To Love”-- the show Tommy hosts for the OWN Network. With each serving came the same remark “Man, what did you put in these grits?!” After a few culinary consultations between the two men, in what began as a simple side dish for their families has now become a mouth-watering treat for the whole world as Tommy and Michael bring you Just Good Gritz.

This package is the perfect combination of organic grits and the original flavor spice pack that will not only change the way you eat grits but will motivate your family to happily exclaim, “Man, what did you put in these grits?!”

Answer: They’re Just Good Gritz!